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Professional One’s specialists constantly keep track on Thai work permit regulations and updates to provide seamless consultation and support in Work Visa and Work Permit application to our clients. Your expatriate employees will be serviced by our English-speaking consultants. We facilitate through the Visa and Work Permit process for your skilled, senior, and specialist expatriate employees to obtain the legal documents from their arrival until the project completion.

Visa and Work Permit Application Process

Preparation before entering Thailand

Employer prepares and sends an employment contract together with employer company’s business documents to your expatriate employee to apply for a Non-Immigrant Visa-B at the Thai Embassy in their home country. Once the Thai Embassy grants a Non-Immigrant Visa-B, the employee can then enter into Thailand to apply for a Work Permit under the form WP1. If the Thai Embassy considers that the company’s business documents and related financial documents are not sufficient, employer can lodge a Work Permit application under the form WP3 on behalf of the employee. Once the Work Permit is granted, employer sends all the documents to the employee to apply for a Non-Immigrant Visa-B at the Thai Embassy in their home country. The employee can enter into Thailand within 30 days from the grant letter date to apply for a Work Permit as stated in the letter. The duration of the process from preparation until receiving a Visa will take around 30 – 60 days depending on the accuracy and completeness of the documents.

When all the documents in the application package are accurate and complete

The officer will consider the duration of the Work Permit according to the project requirements however not over 1 year per each application.

While the employee resides in Thailand

While the employee resides in Thailand, they shall submit a notification of staying in the country every 90 days to the Immigration Bureau.
This process takes not more than 1 day.

When the employee completes the project or resigns

They shall submit a Work Permit cancellation form.
This process takes not more than 1 day.

Our Visa and Work Permit Services Coverage

Visa & Work Permit Services

  • Non-Immigrant Visa-B application
  • Work Permit application
  • Work Permit extension
  • Urgent Work Permit application (WP10)
  • 90-day reporting
  • Non-Immigrant Visa-O application
  • Visa extension
  • Re-entry (single)
  • Re-entry (multiple)
  • Visa & Work Permit cancellation
  • Visa transfer to new passport

Required documents from the employer (privately held company)

1. A copy of company affidavit, a copy of shareholders list (issued not over 1 month), or for foreign companies, a copy of foreign business license in accordance with the Foreign Business Act, B.E. 2542 (1999) and evidence of international money transfer into Thailand.

2. A copy of VAT registration (Phor Phor 01 and Phor Phor 20) indicating the type of business, a copy of Phor Phor 09 if there is any change.

3. In case the employer is not a Thai citizen, a copy of the employer’s Work Permit is required, and if the employer does not work in Thailand and does not hold a Work Permit, the employer shall arrange a power of attorney certified by Notary Public and the Thai Embassy to another director or another person to act on his/her behalf.

4. In case the employer operates a business which requires a legal permit or a legal license per other laws, factory operation permit, hotel registration license, food and drug license, travel agency business license, restaurant license, etc.

5. List of expatriate employees together with their Work Permit number, organization chart, company address.

6. A copy of the latest social security contribution evidence, a copy of company financial report and PND.50 or PND.51 (most recent year) and Phor Phor. 30.

7. 4 pictures of the company: 1 of the company name sign, 1 of front of the building, 2 of inside of the company (2 of the factory, if any).

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