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Making Foreign Employment Simple and Being Legal Compliance in Thailand

How Secondment Employment Service Helps Global IT Companies?

When it comes to an IT project that requires a non-Thai expert to work in Thailand, a global IT company without legal entity in Thailand will confront complicated local regulations: tax law; labor law; setting up the entity, and also overhead cost. Secondment Employee of Record (EOR) service will allow you to speed up your project in Thailand while being compliance to these local regulations. Secondment EOR means we will hire and pay your employee on your behalf and takes responsibility for all formal employment tasks under a special project agreement. When the project ends, we will second back your employee.
If you need to assign an employee on a temporary project in Thailand, being compliance to the local laws, and saving cost by reducing entities, our Secondment EOR is your solution. It makes foreign employment simple.

Secondment Employment Scope of Service

Our local experts will support you and your employee as follows

• Immigration procedure (Visa and Work Permit)
• Provide supporting business documents
• Employment contract
• Social Security and Workmen Compensation Contribution
• Health Insurance
• Personal Tax Identification Registration
• In-country payroll
• Monthly employment report to the labor department
• Monthly tax deduction to the revenue department
• Support health insurance claim
• Provide local information to foreign employee when requires

International Standards / Recognition

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