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Legal Employment of Foreigners in Thailand

According to the law, foreigners need work permit to work in Thailand. Work permit is an official document that gives foreigners permission to work in Thailand, with a requirement that it must be a job requiring high skills. Work permit specifies the occupation, job position with description, and the name of the company employing the foreigner. Job descriptions in foreigner’s work permit mush match with the actual job he/she is working in Thailand.

Foreigners who have come to Thailand, regardless of the visa types, are not allowed to work in Thailand until they get their work permits. Those who aim to work in Thailand must have their visas stamped with the right sign and use it to request for work permit at the Ministry of Labor.

To ensure that foreigners will obtain the work permits, they must have nonimmigrant visa only before coming to Thailand. With non-immigrant visa, foreigners can proceed to request for work permit at the Ministry of Labor, and the procedure takes around 7 working days to complete.

In general, the chance to obtain work permits also depends on the registered capital of the hiring company.

  • A juristic person requests a work permit for a foreigner should have the registered capital at least 2 million baht. In case the foreigner’s spouse is Thai national, the requirement for the company’s registered capital might be reconsidered at 1 million baht.
  • A juristic person registered abroad but operates in Thailand may also request a work permit for a foreigner. Only if the juristic person can transfer the money to Thailand at least THB 3 million per a foreign employee.

Regarding the stated requirements, a juristic person can request up to 10 work permits only. However, the company with the Board of Investment of Thailand (BOI) endorsement is exempt from the rule.

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Work Permit & Immigration Service

Included services to obtain work permit and visa in Thailand;

1. Obtain work permit for foreigners

2. Renew work permit after 1 year of work

3. Request for work permit correction and adjustment

4. Report on resigning the company and cancellation of the work permit

5. Prepare documents to apply for non-immigrant visa at Thai embassy abroad

6. Request for visa extension

7. Request for Re-entry Visa to come back to Thailand

8. Report for 90-day overstay

9. Request non-immigrant visas for foreigner’s family

10. Medical certificate for work permit

11. Foreigners recruitment service with employment contracts

12. Payroll service for a foreigner

13. Prepare documents requested by immigration and Labor Department’s officers


Procedures to obtain visa and work permit

Step 1: Obtain a nonimmigrant visa

Qualifications to obtain a non-immigrant visa abroad

  • The applicant must receive the employment contract from a Thai company
  • The company must send important documents to the foreigner who will use to obtain a non-immigrant visa

The applicant should make a request to obtain a visa within 30 days before coming to Thailand. The embassy or consulate in Thailand will require a copy of company’s registration document and financial statement.

Step 2: Obtain work permit in Thailand

Required documents to obtain a work permit are as follows:

  • Passport – a copy of each page with employee’s signature
  • Non-immigrant visa
  • Departure Card TM.6
  • Educational certification (with a handwritten signature)*
  • A copy (with signature)*
  • A certification or license owned by the applicant (copy with a handwritten signature)
  • CV or Resume – describing applicant’s job position, workplace, and the period for working
  • 5 x 6 cm. photos (3) showing a whole face and business-like uniform of the applicant (not the passport picture; hats not allowed; some districts are restricted about uniform). Must be carried out within (6) months before requesting a work permit in Thailand
  • Marriage Certificate (if married with a Thai national) with a copy with signature, Thai identity card, Birth Certificate, and House Registration.

*Thai officials may require these documents to be certified by the embassy of the employees home country, which may incur examination fees. They will also require you to translate these documents into Thai.


Required documents from an employer

  • Commercial Registration Certificate specifying the company is a juristic person, a list of shareholders, Executive Board and Managing Director
  • A list of shareholders signed by Department of Commercial Registration
  • Factory Permit issued by Department of Industrial Works (if you have)
  • Value Added Tax Certificate – PP20
  • Filing Value Added Tax – PP30
  • Withholding Tax – PND1
  • Collection of social security payment

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