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Recruitment service helps you to reduce filtering, screening candidates who match your job qualifications by skill assessment and interviews.


Let Professional Recruitment Team Handles This Time-consuming Process

  • We are your advertiser who will promote your job positions in the channels that reach your target group – helping you to reduce advertising costs.
  • Our professional team will conduct preliminary interviews to help you find the right candidates – saving a lot of time for you.
  • We regularly add new candidate profiles and update the existing ones in our candidate system. Hence we can quickly source the qualified candidates for you.


Advanced Recruitment with PRO ONE Smarter Member

PRO ONE Smarter Member is our online job application. Job seekers can apply to the open job positions through PRO ONE Smarter Member anytime anywhere! It takes about 5 minutes to create a resume. Once resumes are in our database, the system will match the profiles with the job vacancies, then notify our recruiters.

Skill Assessment and Interviews by Professionals

We have professional recruitment teams to conduct preliminary tests to assure the qualification and experience of the applicants in addition to PRO ONE Smarter Member system. The process completes in a timely manner, and soon the qualified candidates will be submitted to you for the final interview.

Were ready to be a part of driving your business towards Success

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