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We are an IT Outsource service provider whose business operates on international standard, equipped with a team of IT experts who are capable to solve any potential IT issues, and ready to assist your IT department in the areas of IT Support, Helpdesk Support, and System Engineering in your organization.

What is IT Outsourcing?

IT Outsourcing is a business practice of hiring a third-party company to manage IT functions in your organization. IT Department consists of many areas which keep your business running smoothly. For example, hardware, software, and computer networks are the main tools that allow you to perform important business functions and workflows such as accounting, financial processing, customer relationship management, email, and document creation.

The company’s success crucially lies on how efficient its IT Department is performing. For instance, it is vital for every company to communicate with employees and customers through emails; if the IT Department unexpectedly shut down for just a few hours and all the communication channels are disconnected, it would cause negative impacts in many different ways – productivity, efficiency, time, reputation, and potentially the company’s bottom line. Email is just one of many functions in IT Department, there are other areas to cover such as data security system, anti-virus software, server monitoring, data backup, and recovery. With all many tasks, time, and money to invest in setting up an IT Department including finding IT talent, training, equipment maintenance, and technology updates, SMEs generally outsource a third-party IT company to manage this area in a professional way and gain many positive impacts in their business.

Because IT System is the heart that drives the business forward

Why IT Outsourcing is Suitable for SMEs

  • Professional service and consults with IT experts
  • Reduce costs of hiring IT employees as well as the training to set up an IT department
  • Save time that might be spent on solving IT problems and assisting users, to focus on your core business effectively
  • Mitigate risks of losses in business due to network or computer system shutdown, causing loss of contact during business operation

Why Choose IT Outsource from Professional One

  • We have the expertise and experiences in managing information technology system and IT personnel for forefront organizations over 20 years, guaranteed with international quality service by ISO 9001
  • We have a team of IT experts who will be positioned in your organization to assist your IT Department in a timely professional way
  • We have a foundation in developing our IT staff to be comprehensive in IT knowledge so they can assist you professionally

Were ready to be a part of driving your business towards Success

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