Aston 27 บรรยายธรรมะโครงการ CSR ของ Professional One
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“Happy Office” by Mr. Pityakorn Leelapat or ASTON27 at PROFESSIONAL ONE


On 24th August, 2013, 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m., Professional One was honoured to have Mr. Pityakorn Leelapat or Aston 27 (Eddy), a wellknown blogger in social media regarding his understanding of Buddhism, as a speaker under the topic Happy Office.” This seminar was part of the project Clear Minds Amidst The Citywhich was initiated to raise awareness among office people. The project is a CSR campaign that, we believed, can reduce the level of stress in employees and, thus, prevents their negative emotions or actions towards their colleagues and family, and eventually improve the well-being of the society.

Aston27 บรรยายธรรมะที่ Professional One

Mr. Pityakorn or Aston27 giving speech about happiness

During the seminar, participants interacted casually with the speaker by asking questions. Mr. Pityakorn clarified the true essence of Buddhism and taught them how to apply it into daily life without neglecting responsibilities in the world. He also explained what does letting gomeans in Buddhism and pointed that there are countless areas to be taught about Buddhism, but one principle the Buddha had mentioned was, Mr. Pityakorn said, we should work with our best without expecting the outcomesProfessional One will upload the seminar on Youtube at

Aston27 ร่วมสร้างสติให้คนทำงานที่ Professional One

Ms. Pornsurang Khawcharoen, training staff of Professional One, was the interviewer for Mr. Pityakorn.

If you are interested to join the seminar under the topic How to practice Buddhism with a lot of works at handson Saturday 21st September, 2013, by Mr. Teerayut Vejcharoen, please call 026192161 Ext. 1140 or at



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