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แนวทางการปฏิบัติธรรมแม้งานจะยุ่ง โดยอาจารย์ธีรยุทธ เวชเจริญยิ่ง   Professional-one

When asked How to work smartly?most answers include detailed planning, clear schedules, effective problemsolving, etc. However, working smartly has another implication that our company, who have been operating human resource management business, can see. It is the wisdom which arises from consciousness that can help ones to work smartly. By being aware of what we are doing or feeling will enable us to control our emotions better when there are stress or pressures at the workplace whether from complains of the manager, conflicts with colleagues, or traffic congestion in the morning. With wisdom arisen from our consciousness, we would be able to work brightly, and reduce the chance of causing negative emotions or actions towards our colleagues or family which could eventually result in relationship breakdown if they become a habit.

“Professional One pioneers a project of practicing office workers to be conscious”

            For this reason, Professional One has come up with a CSR project called Clear Minds Amidst The City 1st Round, with an aim in supporting office workers to practice being conscious after work, through yoga or Anapanasati (meditation with awareness of one’s own breathing), as both methods require concentration towards inner peace through breathing. Our first target group would be office people in SP Tower (IBM Building), where our headquarters office and subsidiary companies are located.
This campaign Clear Minds Amdist The City 1st Round starts from August – October 2013, and during August and September, we invite a speaker who has profound knowledges about Buddhism practices to teach everyone about how to apply teachings in Buddhism into their everyday lives, without charging any money.
PRO ONE Group aims to raise consciousness in the society by starting from a group of office workers in SP Tower. We would be glad if other companies consider to bring this practice into their workplaces, to raise awareness in their employees. After all, the more we can build consciousness in the society, the more wisdom can be arisen which altogether can improve the well-being of Thai people.