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Computer Network Repair & Maintenance Service

Infrastructure, Installation, Wiring (LAN, WAN, WLAN)

We have a team who can deliver and give advice when you need…

1. LAN wiring set up in the office or enhance or improvement of the existing system

2. Wireless LAN installation in the office

3. Router and Firewall network installations for SMEs (economical price).

4. Network Server installations such as File Share, Email Network, Web Server, etc.



Do you know what is Preventive Maintenance (PM)? 

Preventive Maintenance (PM) is a practice of regular or routine maintenance which helps keep the equipment up and running, preventing unexpected equipment failures which may incur huge costs for the company. It is different from reactive maintenance where the repair is only needed after the equipment is broken down. Preventive Maintenance requires servicing the equipment on a pre-determined schedule; this practice helps extend lifecycles of the equipment and saves a lot of money for the company in the long run. Many companies at present neglect to apply Preventive Maintenance because it costs higher in the short run; however, they end up spending more to repair or purchase a new set of equipment. Preventive Maintenance does not only extend the lifecycles of the equipment but also enhance their performance and this translates to greater productivity and more profitable bottom line, especially a business that relies heavily on their equipment. In addition, regularly-maintained equipment also requires less electricity than poorly-maintained one – a small difference in expense that accumulates to a great deal at the end of the year. This is why Preventive Maintenance is becoming favorable by many companies around the world – a seemingly trivial practice that can turn the company’s bottom line upside down.

Why Should Your Organisation Apply Preventive Maintenance?

1. To keep the computers and wired equipment in great condition ready for use.

2. To repair computers and wired equipment back for use again.

3. Boost confidence when using the computers and equipment.

4. Reduce repair and maintenance cost if there’s breakdown or downtime of the equipment, which is usually expensive.

5. To lower frequency of potential problems.

What Happens When Your Organisation Does Not Apply Preventive Maintenance

1. No past record and data of inspection, repair, and maintenance.

2. Unable to plan and schedule the next repair and maintenance course.

3. Computers and equipment are in the condition not ready for use.

4. Higher costs incurred from purchasing new computers and wired equipment.

5. Potential losses in business due to failures in the system.

Failure in network system means substantial initial cost

Cost Management is one of the first business practices in every organization driving towards success. Each company comes up with different strategies to push the costs as low as possible. Relatively, Preventive Maintenance is one of the most practical and effective practices in reducing the costs. Why? Because it extends the lifecycles and slows down depreciation of all the equipment, allowing the company to save a substantial amount of money in having to purchase new equipment each year.

Do You Know That Preventive Maintenance Is The Organisation’s Responsibility?

Maintaining the computers and wired equipment are typically IT Department’s responsibility. However, some large organizations have an insufficient number of IT staff and, thus, cannot cover all the problems in the department; some medium-sized companies lack IT talent and don’t apply Preventive Maintenance. Both cases can be found broadly in today’s world of business. It’s a small area that one often overlooks, but this small area significantly affects the company’s performance and bottom line.

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